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What Artisans of Scotland is About

We love Scotland. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, steeped in history and heritage and has a fantastic culture of design and craftsmanship. There’s something special about this land we’re able to call home.

Throughout this country there are people with immense skill who are using both modern and traditional methods to handcraft beautiful Scottish products. We think these products, and the people who craft them should be celebrated across the world.  The Artisans of Scotland.

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Heralding Handmade


In a world of disposable products, handcrafted means something. It means each piece is made with care, each piece is individual and each piece can be made just the way you want it; to be treasured.

Our vision is simple; we want to celebrate the skill of the artisans of Scotland, give them a better price for their craft and give them a modern platform from which to sell their wares and tell their story.

“Beautiful, Glorious Scotland, has spoilt me for every other country”

Mary Todd Lincoln

What we stand for

Call it what you will, this is what we stand for, our code of conduct, our non-negotiables.

Top Tech

While many of our Artisans are using techniques and tools that have been used for hundreds of years, we live in a modern world and we believe their products should be sold and their story told with the latest tech.

With all our products lovingly crafted by hand, we offer you the ability to personally choose and customise your product with our online builders whether you’re in Tomintoul or Tokyo.

Shaking Hands

Fair and then some

We believe the skill behind each of these products lies with the artisans and therefore they should get the credit. That’s why we tell their story and that’s why we always give them a fair price for their craft.


Always Quality

At Artisans of Scotland, we are committed to quality.  Quality in the customer experience, in the way we tell stories and most of all in the products we sell.

Each of our Artisans and their products are carefully selected to curate a collection of the finest products Scotland has to offer.  You can buy with the knowledge that it’s made with care and attention to the finest of details.

Who We Are

Artisans of Scotland is headed up by Ben and Stu & Neil. We live and work in Edinburgh and still pinch ourselves over how amazing this city is and how much history is round every corner.

We love this country and its craft and after personal experience of buying some incredible customised products and learning from the maker we started wondering how we could give this to everyone. We realised that with some clever web stuff we could connect the customer to the story and the product. Artisans of Scotland was born.

As a team of designers, developers, and storytellers, we are dedicated to providing a seamless, enjoyable and beautiful online experience. Connecting you with the maker and offering a unique product and buying experience.