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Scotland's premier manufacturers of high quality jacquard textile products

Renowned Textile Manufacturing

Based near the picturesque town of Biggar in the Scottish Borders, this family owned business produces a wide variety of fabrics and accessories which are sold throughout the world. As a past winner of the award for Scotland’s most enterprising company, Calzeat has become one of Britain’s most renowned textile manufacturers.

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Made by Calzeat

  • Throws
  • Scarves
  • Wraps
  • Jackets
  • Ruanas
  • Soft Toys

Quality Woven Products

Founded in 1974, Calzeat started by selling wool fabric for men's neckties. Within 10 years a substantial business in men's and ladies' apparel fabrics and accessories was established and in more recent years a home interiors collection was developed in the mid 1980s.

Fabrics Fit For A President

One of Calzeats many claims to fame is that they produced the curtains for the Oval office of the White House when president Obama was in term.