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Traditional Pewter Smith

Creating beautifully intricate highland dress accessories and jewellery

Exceptional handmade castings

We are delighted to introduce Pewtermill Craft, a wonderfully creative yet traditional pewter smith based in the Ayrshire Valleys on the West coast of Scotland.

With a mix of traditional and boldly modern designs, all make by hand in Scotland, Pewtermill is inspiring other Scottish makers to take their craft to the next level.

Made by Pewtermill Craft:

  • Quaichs
  • Kilt pins
  • Buckles
  • Frames
  • Jewellery

Always Handmade in Scotland

Hand sculpted, moulded, cast and finished in Scotland, that's the Pewtermill way! Their approach is rooted in tradition with a deep commitment to protect and maintain original smithing techniques. Their designs are boldly modern while maintain classic Scottish symbols and patterns, making for some absolutely brilliant pieces.

Their product range includes highland wear such kilt pins, brooches, cufflinks and belt buckles, vases, frames and jewellery.

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