Staghound Kilt Pin


This luxury pewter pin features a Staghound, a mythical Celtic creature which gives this pin a bold, perhaps even daunting appearance. The level of detail in this design is outstanding making it not only traditional in nature, but beautiful in appearance.

  • Designed, and hand-polished in Edinburgh by W.E. Scott and Son
  • Solid pewter metalwork
  • Part of the lovely bulldog range with matching belt and sporran cantle

All our kilt pins are hand made in Scotland the traditional way by W.E. Scott and Son, from quality locally sourced materials. You can learn more about the artisan on the W.E. Scott and Sons profile page or build your own sporran with our online builder.

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W.E.Scott and Sons


W.E Scott and Son

Sporran Makers

Creating beautifully intricate sporrans, William Scott and Sons has been at the centre of the sporran industry for decades and pioneers in sporran design.

Scotland's Sporran making family

We are delighted to celebrate W.E. Scott and Son, a family of sporran makers based in Edinburgh. A business that cares about their work and for their staff; some of whom have seen four generations of the family at the helm.

The tricks of the trade and intricacies of the craft have been kept in the family as the business has passed from father to son and on again. Creating beautifully intricate sporrans, William Scott and Sons has been at the centre of the sporran industry for decades and pioneers in sporran design.

Made by W.E Scott:

  • Dress Sporrans
  • Semi-Dress Sporrans
  • Day Sporrans
  • Belts
  • Belt Buckles

Always Handmade

Down to even the finest detail, our sporrans are handmade in Scotland. Using the techniques and tools that have been in the business for decades, our sporran makers ensure each sporran is lovingly and carefully put together to the highest standards.

Workbenches are worn and shaped from the years that have passed and the same press that punched out the leather for the first sporran will be pushed to punch out the leather for yours.

The beauty of handmade is that each sporran is made from scratch, which is why we are able to offer you the opportunity to design your own unique sporran. Use our sporran builder to design your sporran and have it made by the craftsmen and William Scott and Sons.

Try the sporran builder

Truly Scottish

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, our sporran makers have been serving the people of the city and those further a field for over 90 years.

Proud of the part they play in Scottish heritage and culture, they are Scotland’s biggest sporran supplier and are passionate about providing genuine traditional Scottish attire manufactured by proven skilled craftsmen.

If genuine Scottish craftsmanship is what you want, it doesn’t get more Scottish than this.



Clan Art

Quality handmade items, specialising in Scottish dresswear to compliment the best sporrans

Worldclass Pewterware

ClanArt products are produced using some of the finest materials available. Most items are cast in solid pewter. They are sculpted using traditional skills combined with modern materials and then are cast, polished or antiqued, and hand finished to a unique quality finish

Made by ClanArt

  • Cantles
  • Kilt Pins
  • Buckles
  • Sporran Tassel Balls & Cones

Made Using Traditional Methods

Pewter has a relatively low melting point and has been used in casting for generations. All ClanArt products are handcast and hand finished in their workshop

From Concept to Completion

Along with their current product line, ClanArt also offer a bespoke design service. Most recently a customer came to us for a custom sporran cantle and ClanArt were the team for the job