Purple & Blue Tealight Candle Holder


Handmade geometric tealight candle holder glazed with an iridescent lustre glaze.

Suitable for use as a tealight candle holder or as a unique piece of home décor. 

All items are handmade by Alison Thyra Ceramics in their Aberdeenshire based studio, using iridescent glazes known as in-glaze lustre. Each piece is reduction fired in a gas kiln, a technique that can give different results each time, making each piece unique.

Please be aware that all items are handmade using iridescent lustre glazes, which change colour depending on the light. Due to the unique nature of these glazes colours may differ slightly from the photograph.

Not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. Please handle with care and gently hand wash in warm soapy water.

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Alison Thyra Ceramics


Alison Thyra Ceramics

Scottish ceramic designer specialising in slip cast lustre ceramics

Mesmerising Handmade Ceramics

We are delighted to introduce Alison Thyra, a ceramist from Aberdeen in Scotland.

Alisons work speaks for itself and we often find ourselves being mesmerised by her unique pieces.

Alison uses many techniques and tricks to produces her pieces but her favourite is one called an in-glaze lustre. These glazes are reduction fired in a gas kiln and give different results each time, making each piece individually unique.

Made by Alison Thyra Ceramics

  • Vases
  • Tealight Holders
  • Vessels
  • Brooches
  • Necklaces

Path of an Artisan

Although Alison has always had a passions for art and design but her path to the world of ceramics wasn’t simple - After many years in admin based job roles the turning point was when Alison was made redundant and this was the catalyst to put all of her creative energy into something that she actually enjoyed.

Her ceramic journey started in Edinburgh, by enrolling in art and design course which she loved. Then came aa place at the prestige Grays School of Art in Aberdeen where Alison graduated in 2019 with BA (Hons) in ceramics.

Digital Ceramics

Using digital technology is a big part of the Alison Thyra process. The models for her pieces are 3D printed and plaster moulds are made from them for slip casting. This results in an exact replica of the 3D print in clay.

The layered textures that are built up during the 3D printing process are beautiful patterns that the machine creates. These marks left by the machine can be seen as a kind of digital fingerprint and only certain surfaces are sanded on these forms to try to emphasise these textures.

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