Raccoon Sporran with Marble Cantle by Alasdair Thomson

Call for Price

Absolutely stunning brown raccoon sporran with hand carved marble cantle. We’re really excited to present a world exclusive here.  Award winning stone sculptor Alasdair Thomson has teamed up with W.E Scott and Son to produce a unique and incredible marble cantled sporran.

  • Cantle hand carved from Sutherland marble by Alastair Thomson
  • Sporran handmade in Edinburgh by William Scott and Son
  • Genuine leather sporran
  • Chain strap included
  • Made to order and dispatched within 15 working day

Alistair has a number of designs that he has created that create really stand out sporrans but would also be happy to create custom designs for customers so if you have something in mind please get in touch.


W.E.Scott and Sons

W.E Scott and Son Sporran Makers Creating beautifully intricate sporrans, William Scott and Sons has been at the centre of the sporran industry for decades and pioneers in sporran design.

Alasdair Thomson