Semi-Dress Sporran – Red Fox Pelt with Brown Leather and lovely celtic knot-work


Beautiful handmade semi-dress sporran with a celtic knot embossed into the leather  The red fox pelt perfectly complements the stunning brown leather to give a truly unique semi-dress sporran.

Designed and handmade in Edinburgh by William Scott and Son

  • Genuine leather sporran and chrome metalwork
  • Made with grey fox hair (colours may vary slightly as natural product)
  • Chain strap included
  • Made to order and dispatched within 10 working days

All our sporran are hand made in Scotland the traditional way by William Scott and Son, from quality locally sourced materials. You can learn more about the artisan on the William Scott and Sons profile page or build your own sporran with our online builder.

Please provide your waist size for the included sporran chain
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W.E.Scott and Sons

W.E Scott and Son Sporran Makers Creating beautifully intricate sporrans, William Scott and Sons has been at the centre of the sporran industry for decades and pioneers in sporran design.